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Effingham County is a gorgeous area in the southeastern quadrant of the state of Georgia and is known for being a picturesque and particularly historic region here in the United States. This county has a small town charm with a vibrant energy! Covering an area of around 500 square miles, Effingham County is a wonderful place to call home. 

This county was established in 1777, so it comes as no surprise that this area has deep historical roots in American history and beyond. Just to put things into perspective, Effingham County played a significant backdrop to not only the Civil War but the American Revolutionary War. I can find several historic sites from each war right here in this county. Once you settle into your new home, consider visiting these landmarks and reflecting on the history of our country, how far we’ve come, and how much further we still have to go. There are large efforts by the county and the people who reside within it to keep these historic sites well preserved and open to the public. 

Natural beauty is in abundance here in Effingham County. Expect to find thriving forests, rolling hills, rivers, streams, ponds, and more making the entire area a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. One of the most popular outdoor activities is spending the day at the Savannah River. This river borders the easter edge of the county and there are ample opportunities to fish, swim, kayak, boat, and more right on the water! Pack a picnic, load up on snacks and sunscreen, and spend a beautiful day at The Savannah River! 


Effingham County’s economy is diverse with a healthy mix of agriculture, commerce, and manufacturing. This county has experienced a healthy amount of growth in recent years which has attracted business and industries from around the country that have contributed to Effingham County’s prosperity. 

Do you have school aged children? Great news! The public school system within Effingham County is well rated and offers great educational opportunities to children of all ages. You can clearly see Effingham County’s commitment to education when you take a look at the number of awards and achievements each school has accomplished. It’s always great to be part of a community that values educated people of all ages!

In short, Effingham County is a gorgeous place to live with a rich history, vibrate community, great outdoor activities and a quickly growing economy. Due to all of these factors, and so many more, Effingham County has become a very desirable place to call home! Are you ready to put roots down in this gem of a community here in Georgia? We thought so! Give us a call today, and let’s talk about all things related to Effingham County. We know all about real estate in this area and we know we could get you into the perfect home for you and your family. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Great Local Food and Drink!


Boil Ramen and Cajun Seafood

Dinner’s ready! Head to Boil Ramen and Cajun Seafood on South Columbia Street in Rincon for an easy peasy dinner your whole family will love! Popular dinner options include Tonkotsu Ramen, Crab Legs, Lobster Roll, Seafood Ramen, Steamed Crab, Chicken and Rice Bowl, and Fried Shrimp. You’ll love this delicious little eatery! 


The Brass Rail Food and Spirits

Head to the Brass Rail on Central Avenue in Guyton for great food and delicious drinks! This bar and grill is the local watering hole here in this part of the county. Popular dinner options include Philly Cheese Steak, Hot Dogs, the bacon Burger, Sloppy Joe, or the Gyro! Grab a few friends, play som pool, have a drink and enjoy a laid back night at The Brass Rail! 


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