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If you are looking for a vibrant, historic and centralized urban neighborhood to call home, Midtown Savannah is a great place for you to buy real estate! Savannah is known for being “The Hostess of the South,” and midtown Savannah embodies that kind of southern charm. This great community is located between the historic district and the southside of Savannah. It is a lively, bustling area with tree lined streets, deep roots in its cultural heritage and gorgeous architecture.  

One of the most beautiful areas of Midtown Savannah is Forsyth park. This 30 acre green space is right in the middle of the neighborhood and offers respite to both visitors and residents of this area. Wander around the lush gardens, gorgeous walking paths, playgrounds, and the ever popular Forsyth Fountain. This gathering place is great for hosting picnics, parties, and quiet afternoons on warm weather days. This community park is such a great place to come together as a neighborhood and relish in what it is to live in Midtown Savannah. 


The homes within Midtown Savannah range from modern bungalows to Victorian mansions. The architecture in this area is a wonderful reflection of the personality of this gorgeous city. Many of the homes in this area have intricate details and beautifully manicured gardens. This is a great location for those looking for elevated real estate. 

The arts scene in Midtown Savannah is thriving! The public arts school, The Savannah Arts Academy is a hub for all things related to anything artistic – especially art galleries and live performances. This great arts scene contributes to the area’s unique and creative atmosphere. 


Foodies; rejoice! Midtown Savannah is a food lover’s paradise! This part of the city has a large variety of locally owned and operated restaurants that offer a diverse array of cuisines. You’ll find everything from southern comfort food, to Thai food, to Peruvian, to Italian cuisine! There’s something for every palate in Midtown Savannah. 

In short, Midtown Savannah is a lively, aesthetically pleasing urban area to live in that strikes a balance between historic charm and modern living. The community itself is dynamic and welcoming, and there is an endless list of things to do and places to visit right outside your front door. Are you looking to buy real estate in the Midtown Savannah area? Give is a call today! There are a number of gorgeous homes for sale in this community, and we would love to get you into the home of your dreams. We can’t want to hear from you! 

Great Eats Right Outside Your Front Door

The Green Truck Neighborhood Pub 

This pub is loved for its burgers and vegetarian options as well as its locally sourced food! Popular dishes include the Rustico Burger, Trailer Park Burger, Farm Truck Salad, Veggie Reuben, El Camino Bowl, Hot Rod Deluxe, and the Adult Grilled Cheese Sandwich. This great spot is located on Habersham Street!


Waters Cafe

This cute little coffee shop on Waters Avenue is locally owned and operated and is known for its colorful decor and delicious handcrafted espresso drinks! It also has a great food menu. Order the Grilled cheese, Lox and Capers Bagel, Banana Muffin, BLT sandwich, or the Tomato Basil Soup for a quick and easy and also extra delicious lunch! As far as drinks are concerned, try the Chai Latte, or the Americano with any one of their syrups. Chances are you’ll become a regular at Waters Cafe if you buy a home in Midtown Savannah!


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